Oh Florence… The city where art is alive in the streets, the buildings, the landscapes or the food. What could make it even more beautiful? The rain.
People usually hate rainy days because it seems like a hindrance to their plans, an impediment to enjoy their daily walk, the chat with some friends out a café or just as an excuse to believe that nature has something against you.

But all depends on the way you look at life and when you are in such a dazzling place as Florence, nothing bad can happen.

We made our way by train from Pisa to Florence with a bright sun upon us as any other summer day in Italy . But in the very moment we put our feet in the city, the sky started to turn darker and by the time we arrived at the Duomo, some drops begun to fall slightly wetting our light clothing. But I love rain and I’m a child in spirit so I enjoyed jumping into the puddles when it started to rain heavily.

And it was one of the best days of our week in Italy. We visited Santa Maria de Fiore or Duomo, an impressive cathedral which its façade of whites, blues and greens is a gift for the eye. After that, we made a stop to have a delicious meal (pasta, of course) in a restaurant with a great view of the cathedral. 

We didn’t want to have a “typical tourist” trip so we continued our way through the city getting lost in its streets, discovering small markets, coffee shops or beautiful pieces of art among them. Our next stop was Piazza della Signoria, where we could see a replica of the impressive sculpture of David by Michelangelo. There, a group of artists were performing some dances inviting the public to join them, too. From there, we headed to the Uffizzi Gallery, an imposing museum with sculptures of the most famous Italian artists such as Boticcelli, Michelangelo,  Giotto or Leonardo da Vinci on the outside and their works on the inside of the building. We tried to find the sculptures of the artists whose names were the same as the Ninja Turtles but as much as we looked, we couldn’t find Rafael!

But the most important place was still to be visited. I’m talking about Ponte Vecchio and, as tradition says, we bought a padlock in a tiny shop near the Duomo and wrote our initials and our anniversary date on it and then put it in one corner of the bridge. We kept one of the keys and threw the other to the river. Hundreds of people around the world do that and I think that it can lose its meaning in the way but we had a very special day there and we wanted to leave an attribute to all the different kind of affection we witnessed in the city. And, of course, of our own true and everlasting love!

Just as we were throwing the key to the river, it started to rain again, a symbol of all the brief but romantic moments we lived there.

” Some people feel the rain, others just get wet” Bob Dylan


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