Who doesn’t love the feeling of adrenaline hitting their bodies?. For me it is one of the best sensations ever and makes me feel alive so I knew that cliff jumping was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss.
It all started back in England when I decided to join the surf society at my university. I love surfing so it was the first club I affiliated with. This organisation planned weekly trips to a city nearby in order to practice wakeboarding but the trip I was excited for was the one to Newquay where a small group of people would spend a whole week in a surfing hostel, going to the beach in the mornings (with private and guided surf lessons from an expert) and the rest of the days walking around the city.

So when the time arrived I was extremely eager for this experience!. The week passed by so quickly and I truly enjoyed every single moment there not just learning how to surf from a professional but also getting to know new people (since I was the only one new in the group).

But the day I want to talk about in particular was when we all went cliff jumping. We, along with two experts in the topic, walked down the beach were the cliffs were. We put on special wetsuits and helmets, they gave us some important guidance and we jumped into the water! All of us swam to the chosen rocks and we hiked up them. Then, once on the peak of the cliff the coaches explained to us how and where we had to jump and one by one we tried our best!

This was one of the things on my bucket list and I was more than happy when I crossed it off! So I recommend everybody to try this great extreme sport (always with professionals and the proper equipment of course) at least once in their lives because you will get addicted to it! I think I am going to do it again soon…

PS: the hostel and all the coached sessions were provided by Big Green Surf School in Newquay, I highly recommend them!

” Every adventure requires a first step” The Cheshire Cat


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