Have you ever experienced that feeling of not having high expectations about a place and falling in love with it once you arrive?

It happened to me last Easter. My boyfriend and I were planning a new trip but we didn’t know where. Since I love winter and we have never been to Norway before, we decided to visit Oslo. It was a decision made on the go and a week later, we were on our plane heading to the city. I didn’t know in that moment if I was going to like the city or not but what I didn’t expect was to completely love it!

After one hour (or more) on the bus from the airport, we finally arrived at our accommodation. It was a small but neat and comfy flat next to a lake and a path which a lot of people use to run or walk with their dogs.

It was when after our walk surrounded by trees, we arrived at the lake and the views couldn’t be more spectacular: it was sunset, the sky with light with darker blues on the horizon and the waters of the lake gave me a feeling of coldness and calmness never felt before. I breathed the fresh air, felt the cold and dry air in my face and smiled of happiness.

The rest of the week passed by too quickly for us, I wanted to stay longer! We spent the seven days walking around the port, the forest and the frozen lake a few miles from the city. We visited the Holmenkollen ski jump tower (amazing!), the museums about Vikings history, the museum about the first north pole expedition and, of course, the fjords in a  boat. I was like a little kid the whole week, full of excitement and trying to make the most of a city where two of the most important things for me coexisted and were essential in everyday life: outdoor sports and nature.

Oslo, the only place where the cold and ice of the city filled me with warmth. I promise I will come back.

“The world is made of stories”works from Astrup Feamley




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