Hello explorers! Today is a very important date for me because one year ago on this same day my life changed forever! why? because I decided to make the best decision ever: going on Erasmus to England.

First of all, just a brief explanation about what Erasmus consists of. Erasmus is a program that allows students from countries that belong to the EU to study between 3 or 9 months abroad.

So yes, I applied for it and on the 26th of September of last year I arrived at the loveliest city in England, the city that would become my home for the rest of the year and where I made lot of new friendships (some of them very special), where I explored a new part of England, where I found love and myself.

Chester, a small city located in the northwest of England became my home, it made my dreams come true and stole my heart.

I was amazed. And scared.

I am a shy girl but traveling has just not opened my mind to the world we live in but it has also changed me. And continues doing it. So from the moment my plane landed I started talking with everyone. When I arrived at my University accommodation I was the only Spanish person among 72 people of different nationalities. I couldn’t stop smiling and just like that, I stopped being shy. Talking with other people not only let me understand other points of view, learn a new culture or improve my English, it also allowed me to live unforgettable moments. And I met two of the nicest person I know, a girl from Bangladesh and a girl from France who became two of my closest friends and still are!

It also changed me inside. I left Spain with a feeling of running away, escaping from a life and a city that was consuming me and I was hoping that being abroad for a year would, at least, give me a break. And what it really gave me was a new beginning. I also had bad moments, of course, but I came back to Spain a new person or maybe just my true self that I hadn’t found until that trip.

I was running away from love and it found me.

“Our destiny is frequently met in the very paths we take to avoid it” Jean de la Fontaine.


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