Get to know me


Hello! I am Andrea and I have decided to create this blog as a diary where I will write down all the ideas I have in my busy mind in order to organize them and to share them to whoever feels interested!

Travelling is the thing I am most passionate about in life. I read somewhere that travelling it’s like flirting with life and I definitely love flirting! Other topics that are on my top list are sports in general but particularly surfing and snowboarding (I’m a girl of extremes), healthy food, reading , photography, tattoos and meeting new people.

The thing I am most scared of is to not live life. Sounds weird, right? but for me, life is like a beautiful island to discover, where you can dance naked under the stars. Or like a city to get lost in while you enjoy the little things along the way. So life is something you have to experiment with, laugh at and explore all it’s hidden corners.

Do you want to join me in this adventure?


“We shall not cease from exploration” T.S Eliot.


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